Questions and Answers:


Is the light bulb included in the delivery as well?

Yes, we will give you a light bulb to each lamp into the delivery package. We do not want, that you have an extra reason to go to the supermarket :)


Do the concrete parts look all the same?

No, the concrete parts of our designs are something special, each part has a different surface structure, a different pore density and a different color pattern. That makes the design so special, its one-of-a-kind. It is absolutely beautiful and unique.


I damaged the concrete part, do I get a new one?

Yes. Call us, if you have accidentally broken the concrete part. We are fair, we'll replace the concrete element under one condition :) - You have to tell two people in your close circle of friends or relatives about us. Tell them, that we are a German startup with a great customer service and wonderful designs. And that you love us for it and that they should visit our Website :)


Can I return the packaging?

Yes, you can return the packaging to us if you like. Write us a short informal email or call us, we will then send you a return receipt and you will be able to send us the packaging for free via post.
We will recycle and reuse the packaging, since we like doing something good for the environment.